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Fisher Productions worked with CARE to co-curate, design and produce the THEN and NOW exhibition to mark their 70th anniversary.

After the WW2 thousands of UK families faced severe hardship with rationing and food shortages, CARE organised the first international aid in the form of 'CARE packages' containing food and other essential supplies sent through the charity by people in the USA. This compelling exhibition told the story of CARE packages then and now, and showed visitors how the concept of 'the kindness of strangers' underpins the help that people in the UK give to people in need across the world.

CARE wanted an immersive exhibition to tell their story and we created a multi-sensory experience with hands-on exhibits and interactive installations.

Our approach was to reflect the charity and the environments in which it works;

  • OSB panels were used as a base material to reference the makeshift/DIY structures created in the camps that Care helps, reflective of real-life budget material solutions.
  • We printed directly to the boards which created a tactile graphic treatment which fitted in with the concept of the installation.
  • We encouraged visitors to interact throughout the space, from writing on feedback tags, listening in to personal Care stories in bespoke London telephone boxes, watching and listening to vintage footage, opening graphic flaps to discover key messages, or lifting and handling Care box contents.

The whole experience engaged guests with the lives and legacy of people helped by Care throughout 70 years.
Over 1,300 people visited in 5 days and the charity received over 180 pieces of media coverage.
Fisher Productions pitched to deliver the flagship event of our 70th anniversary celebrations – an immersive exhibition telling the above story. From our very first interactions we felt that the team at Fisher thoroughly understood what we were trying to achieve, they took our stories and examples and turned them into a thoroughly engaging, and immersive exhibition which really captured the spirit of CARE both visually and content-wise.
The exhibition and surrounding campaign were far more successful than we had and we could not have had this success without Fisher.
The team at Fisher were also an absolute pleasure to work with. This was not just a job to them, it was clear that the team really cared about this project and about creating an impactful exhibition. They were always easy to reach, always helpful, always engaged, far beyond what was expected of them. We cannot recommend Fisher Productions enough!"

Daina Ruduša
Project Manager at CARE International UK


UK Event Awards 2014 Winner
Event Awards Finalist 2014
AEO Excellence Awards Finalist 2015
CIT Awards
Event Awards Finalist 2015
AEO Awards


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