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Gala launch party


Royal Academy of Arts

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The Royal Academy of Arts Summer Exhibition is the world's largest open submission exhibition. Fisher Productions are proud to have undertaken production of the bars, food stations and courtyard at the Preview Party for the 11th consecutive year. This event is a major fundraiser for the Royal Academy and marks the official opening of the Exhibition.

Each year the RA's selection and hanging committee set the brief for the look and feel of the event. This year, the onus was on the idea of form and architecture, with the concept of 'Duos' at its core. The Fisher team translated this concept into physical forms, looking at symbiotic relationships between objects and used symmetry and reflection with repetition in pattern and stripes. Whilst contrast, inversion and mirroring were important in creating the optically challenging forms of the bars and food stations.

Our in house team designed bars and food stations to feel like apparitions that appear as you turn a corner, the pared back palette of mirrored laminate, black and white provided a consistent thread across all structures.

This theme was carried through to the courtyard, where we laid a monochromatic carpet reflecting directional geometry, and a 5m high 3D striped mirror RA logo sat proudly as an entrance marker to the party. The concept of duality was again followed through with a shadow cut out inversion on the logo in the carpet.


UK Event Awards 2014 Winner
Event Awards Finalist 2014
AEO Excellence Awards Finalist 2015
CIT Awards
Event Awards Finalist 2015
AEO Awards


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