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Fisher Productions designed and produced this event for YourSingapore, the official website of the Singapore Tourism Board; In attendance were media and travel press together with travel and style bloggers.

The objective of the event was to highlight the rich cultural heritage of the country, which is set against a very modern backdrop. Icetank was chosen for its modern look, which Fisher transformed into a slice of Singapore!

The Fisher team hung beautiful original tiffin boxes and antique Kabayas to create an eye-catching display against the stark white backdrop of the venue, whilst displaying a collection of vibrant coloured vintage beaded shoes in modern Perspex boxes. This created juxtaposition between modern and vintage and really let the striking colours shine out.

Fisher Productions lit the venue with a carefully chosen mix of purples, pinks and blues to represent the more effervescent side of Singaporean life.

Downstairs Fisher Staging built a wooden dark oak bar which was sponsored by Raffles Singapore, who are celebrating the centenary of their infamous Singapore Sling. We created a version of their iconic Long Bar and a mixologist was flown in from Raffles to create the authentic Singapore Sling; peanuts were offered to guests who were encouraged to throw the shells on the floor as if they were in the original bar. As a finishing touch, and to complete the Long Bar experience, we hung traditional fans above the bar.


UK Event Awards 2014 Winner
Event Awards Finalist 2014
AEO Excellence Awards Finalist 2015
CIT Awards
Event Awards Finalist 2015
AEO Awards


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