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Levi's Spring/Summer Press Launch




Farmiloe Building


Product Launch

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Levi’s Spring/Summer Press Launch

Fisher Productions produced this press launch for Levi’s Spring/Summer range at the Farmiloe building in Clerkenwell.

Receiving the brief just 14 days prior to the event, Fisher worked to execute Levi’s vision.

Fisher created a life sized traditional mine shaft with a set of tracks laid across the floor of the building together with vast vats full to the brim with colour dye over which Levi's jeans were hung as if being dipped,  this proved to be a real talking point...

Whilst the chosen site was perfect for the client’s needs and felt to be spot on for the brand, Fishers skills were tested to the max due to the buildings lack of infrastructure. The Farmiloe building is a disused industrial building with no power, heating or toilet facilities so Fisher were starting from scratch!

All challenges were overcome and everything was going to plan but on the day of the event, Fisher were asked to make a last minute change and create some Harry Potter-esque floating doors to hang from the ceiling for the gala dinner. Given the venue had no rigging points this could have proved problematic but Fisher devised a solution that worked perfectly. The team calmly overcame the problem by erecting a temporary truss structure and just ten hours later guests entered into the room complete with awe inspiring doors!

Client Testimonial

“Thank you to you and your crews for being so easy and collaborative to work with. You all made the process painless and the end result was spectacular!”

Scott Denton-Cardew - Creative Director at Denton-Cardew Design.


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