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Shure MX412 Table Microphones
This 12" long mic has an integral pre wired base and is perfect for conference tables , it can al..
Audio Technica ES935ML Lectern Mic Kit
Kit Containing 2 x Audio Technica ES95ML, 2 x K&M G Clamps, 2 x K&M Table stands and 2 x ..
Sennheiser ASA 1 Antenna Distribution
The Sennheiser ASA1 Active Splitter provides a 2 x 4-way split to feed RF to 4 x radio mic receiv..
Sennheiser EW500 G3 Radio Mic Receiver
Channel 38 UHF radio mic Rx. up to 32 compatible frequencies. ..
Sennheiser Belt Pack and Lapel Mic with MKE2 Head Set
Lapel radio Tx for the EW500 G3 Rx. ..
Sennheiser Hand Held Microphone  E865 G3
The Sennheiser E865 is a supercardioid vocal mic with a condenser capsule. Pronounced presenc..
SubZero 350W 12" Active PA Speaker
The SubZero 350W 12" Active PA Speaker delivers crisp and clear audio, and is ideal for quick and..
Adastra DT50 Portable Battery PA System with Dual Microphones
Adastra DT50 Portable PA System with Dual Microphones Self-contained PA unit with a com..
K&M  -  26735 Speaker Stand Round Base (White)
A decorative space saving speaker stand. The heavy cast iron plate with a relatively small diamet..
K&M  - 21020 Microphone Boom Stands (Black)
The K&M 21020 (Black) tripod microphone stand and boom offers lightweight and sturdy support ..
K&M  - 260/1 Adjustable Microphone Stands (Black)
The K&M 260/1 Microphone Stand (Black) has a metal cast-iron base which features anti-vibrati..
K&M  - 26736 Distance Pole (White)
K&M 26736 Distance Pole, stable distance pole with mounting aid and M20 thread, steel, adjust..
K&M -  260/1 Adjustable Microphone Stands (White)
This K&M 260/1 Microphone Stand is white with a metal cast-iron base. featuring anti-vibratio..
K&M -  26735 PA Speaker Stand, Round Base (Black)
The 26735 is a decorative speaker stand for stationary use, its heavy cast iron plate has a small..
K&M - 21339 Distance Pole with Hand Crank (Black)
K&M 21339 - distance pole with hand crank.   Similar to the 21338 but wi..
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