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@southwarkcathed 1 minute ago

The launch of #queerprophets should have been at the Cathedral last week, but alas not to be. You c…

@EnglishHeritage 1 minute ago

Hello! This post refers to the amount of people rescued on this particular day of the operati…

@EnglishHeritage 14 minutes ago

#OnThisDay in 1940, Churchill received word that all British divisions were now behind the defensive lines. Lifting…

@@RoyalOperaHouse 17 minutes ago

@RIBA 22 minutes ago

How long will our exit from recession take? How much will life change? What exactly will it mean for architects? Ou…

@RIBA 31 minutes ago

Listen to our Public Affairs Manager, Lucy Monks, and Head of Economic Research, Adrian Malleson, discuss some of t…

@I_W_M 50 minutes ago

Want to get a head start before Wednesday? Have a look at these photos and collections items to prepare:

@ltmuseum 51 minutes ago

Today is #GlobalParentsDay so we'd like to say a massive THANK YOU to all you parents out there for all the tireles…

@I_W_M 51 minutes ago

Join our IWM expert Holiday this week as she shares stories of D-Day that you won’t have heard in the classroom. On…

@I_W_M 1 hour ago

This Saturday marks 76 years since D-Day. We’ll be talking all things land, sea and air about this top secret opera…

@TowerBridge 1 hour ago

Ahhh we were doing so well! Thanks for spotting that!

@royalacademy 1 hour ago

RIP to the wrap star, Christo. "I make things that have no function – except maybe to make pleasure.”

@southwarkcathed 1 hour ago

RT : 3 more images of . 2 before restoration and one made in 1834, while it was taking place. Great shame about…

@NationalGallery 1 hour ago

Hi Karine, if you'd like to learn more about the show, you can watch our Facebook Live with Exhibiti…

@southwarkcathed 1 hour ago

RT : We’ve missed our pilgrimage for from to this week. Instead we’ve explored loc…

@RIBA 2 hours ago

What are the #SustainableDevelopmentGoals? And how to I use them? Our #DecadeofAction report explains:…

@EnglishHeritage 2 hours ago

@kellywatts7 Beautiful!

@EnglishHeritage 2 hours ago

@museum_mum Neither can we! 

@lincolnsinn 2 hours ago

June is Pride month across the world. FreeBar is a network of LGBTQ+ people and allies who work at and with the Bar…

@EnglishHeritage 2 hours ago

@emma_jhita We look forward to seeing you very soon! ☺️


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