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@MuseumofLondon 9 minutes ago

"A prosaic walk can result in a photograph which encapsulates humour, irony and the beauty of the banal". Which is…

@theinnertemple 9 minutes ago

Yes it will! It will be uploaded to our YouTube channel

@TowerBridge 23 minutes ago

'I went inside Tower Bridge for the first time and it was so beautiful': Thank you, and !

@v_and_a 32 minutes ago

Exquisite. What is it? Maria Bang Espersen's hand-blown glass work is as much about the performance as the result…

@NationalGallery 40 minutes ago

An enormously famous composition, this depiction of Christ counting his fingers was thought to have been based off…

@MuseumofLondon 43 minutes ago

Sorry, that's supposed to say "A Fashionable Evening Work Event"

@ShoreditchTH 45 minutes ago

All bookers have now been contacted. We are hoping to reschedule this performance to take place within the next mon…

@ShoreditchTH 45 minutes ago

We are incredibly sad to announce that we have had to cancel all performances of What Do You See? by th…

@britishlibrary 57 minutes ago

School of Roquefort

@@RoyalOperaHouse 1 hour ago

@southbankcentre 1 hour ago

BLOG | We caught up with the much-loved children’s author and Children’s Laureate ()

@NationalGallery 1 hour ago

If you like that Shelley you might enjoy our 'spot the creepy crawlies' in our collection, here on…

@NationalGallery 1 hour ago

Thanks for joining us Anne! So pleased you enjoyed the exhibition

@NationalGallery 1 hour ago

Artemisia herself went by different surnames – she was known almost exclusively as Artemisia Lomi in…

@NationalGallery 1 hour ago

Hi there, we use ‘Artemisia’ rather than ‘Gentileschi’ primarily to avoid confusion with her father…

@fashiontextile 1 hour ago

RT : We are all about the funky patterns! What style would you create?

@ShoreditchTH 2 hours ago

#FriendsofSTH have partnered with to host a funded PhD to research co-creation with childre…

@ltmuseum 2 hours ago

From 11 February, learn about the contribution of Caribbean people to London's transport history and culture in our…

@britishlibrary 2 hours ago

This extract is from ‘The Masque of the Red Death’ in Poe's Tales of Mystery and Imagination, published in 1935 and…

@britishlibrary 2 hours ago

‘The “Red Death” had long devastated the country. No pestilence had ever been so fatal, or so hideous.’ Born #OTD…


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